Thanks for visiting. Flor + Cesta is a London lifestyle blog for the conscious consumer.

Here you'll find everything from sustainable brand recommendations from all over the world, to smart city initiatives near you to help you start your journey to becoming a sustainable city dweller. All brands and recommendations have been carefully reviewed. 

We know you're busy and buying and living sustainably can be difficult because of limited time and information but Flor + Cesta makes it simple; being a sustainable city dweller doesn’t have to equal hard work. Our aim is to arm you with all the know how to make those little changes every day to  help you discover your path to becoming a sustainable city dweller.

Create a better, happier, SUSTAINABLE environment for yourself.


About the Editor


My name is Hanna and I live in London, UK. Sustainability became important to me after a few years living and working in the city. I would watch the rubbish bins in my office fill up every day with paper cups and lunch bag wrappers as we all rushed blindly from meeting to meeting, completely unconscious to the amount of waste we were contributing to landfill daily. I thought there must be a better way to do this! 

After some research I realised that with just a few small changes we could all start to make a big difference to our environment. But as time poor city dwellers with demanding jobs and equally as busy personal lives, living sustainably with the current options and information we have can seem very difficult.

I created Flor + Cesta to provide a space where like-minded individuals can find everything they need to become a sustainable city dweller. This platform is about making it simple for people. About giving you the tools you need to become a more conscious consumer, without a radical lifestyle change.

We want to live our lives, but we want to live them better and more sustainably. Follow my journey as I challenge big name brands on what sustainable really means and try to live reduce my impact across key areas - society, economics and environment.

Use Flor + Cesta to help make following your own path to becoming a sustainable city dweller simpler.


Why Flor + Cesta?

Flor + Cesta is Spanish for flower + basket. Something in those two words just makes me think of a simpler life. The good life.

For me those two words encompass everything I am trying to do through this platform.. to bring us back to nature, to a simpler life, without losing any of the fun bits...

Want to partner with Flor + Cesta? I'd love to hear from you. Email me at with how we could work together.



When first coined, the word sustainability captured a very powerful concept. It's many definitions boil down to the idea of living in a way that ensures that the resources available today will continue to be available for an indefinite number of future generations. Sadly, the term has been almost completely co-opted by corporations, governments and international financial institutions. Learn more here