Zero Waste Week 2017: Are you taking part?

After ten successful years Zero Waste Week is back again and will take place between 4-8 September. The campaign encourages us to look at our waste and to start to make lifestyle and business decisions that reduce our waste output, permanently.

Last year with the #zerowasteweek hashtag reached over 20 million impressions worldwide and trended for nine hours non-stop. #florandcesta anyone? Want to make us go viral??!

I jest! I only hope #zerowasteweek reaches new heights this year. If it gains the same support as it did last year from influential organisations like the BBC, Penguin Books, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and Ocado I have no doubt it will. People also held events across the country and it reached 16 countries worldwide. Not bad going!

This year’s theme is ‘Rethink your rubbish’.  Each day the campaign will invite participants to focus on a different topic of waste; you might find yourself making do and mending, upcycling or foraging through your fridge and local hedgerows in a bid to reduce food waste!

Why is cutting down your waste so important?

Each year in the UK we bun 7.3 million tonnes of food. When we waste food, it is not only the end product that goes to waste, so does everything it takes to get that food into our fridges; the water, the land, the money.  Possibly the most astonishing fact of all; 24% of global agricultural freshwater is used to grow food that is never eaten. What’s more if global food waste was a country, it would have the largest carbon footprint after the US and China.  

Then there is plastic waste; if we don’t change the way we produce and consume plastic, by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish? Every year since 1971 we have used more resources than the earth can replace, this is not sustainable and we will run out of resources. If that’s not motivation enough to cut down your waste I don’t know what is.

Want some easy ideas for reducing food waste? Check out our top tips for reducing your food waste.

The Flor + Cesta suggestion for zero waste success; take an audit of what you normally waste in the weeks before zero waste week and think about how you could have recycled, reduced or reused instead. This will help you go full steam ahead during the campaign!

London based and fancy getting involved in a zero-waste event? Flor + Cesta is planning to host an event in the coming weeks for all of you interested in finding out more about going zero waste. Come and enjoy a (waste free) tipple, hear from leading zero wasters and swap your own waste reduction tips with London’s zero waste community.

Email to get involved.