Christmas 2017: 7 Green Gifts that Give Back

Here are 7 non-material gift ideas to help you go green this Christmas and give back at the same time.


mince pies

There are some great things to ‘adopt’ this Christmas (none of which involve children, don’t panic.) On behalf of your gift recipient you can adopt a rainforest (a whole rainforest for meee they’ll say!), a tree, a Coral Reef (my very own shoal of Nemo’s they’ll cry!), or even a Manatee (that one may need some explaining). Visit for more ideas on unique gifts from nature.


Retail Therapy

Know someone who loves shopping? Go ethical this Christmas and buy them a gift subscription for Ethical Consumer magazine, so they can choose greener brands every time they shop.


Never mind your turkey, eradicate hunger this Christmas

merry christmas tile

Heifer is an international organisation that works to eradicate hunger in communities by providing livestock and training so that families can create a sustainable income. Each family passes on the animal’s wee babies to another family in need, therefore multiplying and expanding the ‘living loan’.  A gift that just keeps on giving, what could be better!



Give the gift of life

Speaking of loans, another great organisation for a gift that keeps on giving is Kiva. Kiva provides loans to entrepreneurs around the world, using the internet to support micro-finance programmes. These programmes often empower impoverished women, and the results are remarkable. When a woman receives a loan the entire family benefits; a world bank report shows that the women supported reinvest 90% of their income to their families, compared to men, who only reinvest 30%. Micro-financing of this type has also been shows to decrease HIV/AIDS rates, as well as improving healthcare and education. Find out more about how you can get involve at


Green Memberships

Give the gift of a green, literally, with a membership that gives your loved ones access to some of the wonderful green and cultural heritage spaces in Blighty.  Check out the RHS membership or The National Trust to start discovering the best that the UK has to offer.

christmas present


Download anything from Bieber to Beethoven and support Friends of the Earth at the same time. Find out about gifting and wish-lists with FairShareMusic.


Free gifts

Save resources and money by searching out what's on offer on your local sharing websites. Try and, and the 'Freebies' section on Alternatively, make a totally free and unique Christmas Gift Cheque.