Clean, easy and cheap burrito bowl

 This is a super cheap, quick and easy mid-week meal that is both nutritious and filling!

Makes: 2 large bowls

Preparation: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes


burrito bowl ingredients



Cauliflower Rice:

·      1 cauliflower

·      1 lime

·      Parsley (optional)



·      1 can black beans or dried and soaked black beans

·      1 green onion

·      garlic

·      Cumin

·      Chilli powder

·      Rubies in the Rubble Chipotle Ketchup



·      Red and green peppers (or any other seasonal vegetables that you enjoy)

·      1 red onion

·      Oregano

·      Carrot

·      sweetcorn

·      1 cup cheddar cheese or vegan vegan cheese.

·      ½ cup sour cream or vegan sour cream 


  1. Grate cauliflower using the large side of the grater, squeeze lemon over, toss and add salt, pepper and parsley to taste
  2. Simmer the back beans with onions, garlic, oregano, and 1 teaspoon of Rubies Chipotle ketchup. Add chilli powder to taste
  3. Stir fry fajita veggies with red onion, oregano and 1 teaspoon of Rubies Chipotle ketchup. Fry until soft
  4. Grate carrot
  5. Assemble bowl and drizzle choice of sour cream and cheese

*Add baked tortilla’s for added crunch