Ethical Jeans Directory



Cock & Bull Menswear

Cock & Bull have taken sustainable denim to a new level their generously cut, medium rise hemp menswear jean. Hemp has been used as a fabric for millennia. As a textile, it is durable, comes in a variety of natural colours ,based on how it is processed, and has a wonderful drape. Plus, it needs approximately half as much land and half as much water as cotton does to thrive. It’s win win!.



Better known for their upcycled leather jackets, Deadwood have recently launched a denim collection. Their jeans are GOTS – certified organic cotton, fairly made in Bangkok.


DL191 use innovative eco-friendly fibres and have reduced the water, dye and energy use of their production lines by 50%. Their garments use TENCEL and ProModal for increased durability. Their designs are also super chic and have the backing of high profile sustainable fashionistas such as Jessica Alba, co-founder of Honest Company.



 F-abric Biodegradable Jeans

F-abric denim is the brainchild of Czechoslovakian retailer Freitag. Made from hemp and linen, it is naturally 100% compostable. In both black and blue, for him and for.


Shop Finisterre for beautifully designed, organic cotton denim jeans.


G-Star RAW

Netherlands based G-Star have a relentless commitment to ethics, despite some dubious collaborations with celebs. They use organic and recycled cotton along with recycled plastic and Tencel to great low impact denim collections. They also run a foundation to support education and entrepreneurship in the communities where their products are made.


Huit Denim

The guys at Huit are about doing one thing, and doing it well: ethical and sustainable denim. For both men and women, they have four styles. For men; regular, slim, slim tapered and skinny. For women; skinny, high waisted, girlfriend and slim. All made in Cardigan, Wales. Cardigan used to be a huge hub of denim factories, once churning out 35,000 pairs of jeans a week. Then the China thing happened, fast fashion and cheap labour took off and the factories closed down. Huitn are bringing the industry back to life. They use high quality denim and offer repairs so that you can keep wearing your Huit Denim for longer. 




Kings of Indigo

The super cool Kings of Indigo (K.O.I) have big plans for their awesome denim collection; to become the number 1 sustainable jeans brand in the world. K.O.I place transparency at the core of what they do, regularly reporting on their supply and production chain. They use GOTS- certified cotton, sourced from Europe, and made in the Mediterranean. They also incorporate other sustainable fabrics such as hemp and modal into their designs. If you’re looking for cool and quirky then look no further, their range of denim jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, dresses and jackets has something for everyone.

Kuyichi Jeans  

Kuyichi is a Dutch brand founded in 2000 when the owners were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the poverty and pollution they saw. This was the start of Kuyichi (The name comes from the Peruvian god of the rainbow), and their denim wear, ethically made from organic and recycled materials. Love Kuyichi for their transparency and constant innovation to improve their practices.



As the original jeans maker, levi’s must be on the list. They continue to pave the way for high environmental standards and transparent supply chains in the industry. Levi’s use Better Cotton and encourage sustainable product care amongst their customers.


M.i.h Jeans 

M.i.h jeans couldn’t be cooler! They have an amazing collection of cuts, there really is something for every body shape and style. As for their credentials, not too shabby either. M.i.h directly source their fabrics and work to reduce their carbon footprint and water usage during production. They also use mills that adhere to the Better Cotton Initiative.

 Monkee Genes

Monkee was created with the desire to offer a fresh denim collection to a saturated and disposable denim market. The Monkee team set out to dispel the myth that sustainable fashion was dull and expensive. And they’ve done a pretty good job of achieving their goal; they offer an ever growing range of organic jeans to cater to all tastes. Go check them out! 

Mud Jeans

Sustainability is at the core of Mud’s ethos. Using a mixture of organic and recycled cotton, they strive to use the material that has the least impact on the environment and allows farmers to have a living wage. Love MUD for their relative affordability and the fact that they have so many gorgeous styles to choose from.

If you’re UK based, shop them at Gather & See.


Nudie Jeans

For the guys over at Nudie it has always been, and always will be, about producing their garments in the most sustainable and fair way possible. All their denim is made with 100% organic denim and entitled to free repairs for life. So a pair of Nudie jeans is quite literally an investment for life.


Outland Denim  

Australian based Outland was founded by Jason Bartle, the creator of the Denim Project that helps girls to recover from the sex trafficking industry. The project helps them secure a career path and a living wage. They use natural indigo dyes and recycled packaging to reduce their footprint. They also adhere to the Global Organic Textiles Standards.





The super stylish Reformation just launched the Ref Jean. The Ref Jean uses only deadstock or sustainable fabrics and professes to save over 1500 gallons of water compared to conventional  jeans.

Oh when will you come to the UK Reformation! 



The IOU Project

The team at IOU create one-of-a-kind, sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly jeans that are shipped worldwide. When you purchase a pair of IOU jeans you receive a tracking code where you can read the full story of your jeans. You get access to the origin of the fabric your garments made from, the story of the artisan who made it and it’s journey to you.

 Thought Clothing

Thought have just one style of jean but they’re not to missed, made from 95% organic cotton and 5% denim, this ‘thought’ful denim wear flatters in all the right places.