Ethical Undies Month: La Luna Intimates, from botanicals to lingerie

by Hanna Pumfrey

Although quite far afield for most of the Flor & Cesta readership I wanted to feature La Luna Intimates in the Ethical Undies series as they are a brand that are working to reconnect the consumer with nature. Something that I believe is imperative to becoming a conscious consumer and one of the primary goals of Flor & Cesta. By understanding what nature provides for us and viewing human activity and nature as one I believe we will be able to create a truly sustainable society that works in harmony with the earth, rather than against it.

But less about my new world visions and back to why you’re all here- the undies.

la luna intimates flor and cesta interview

La Luna Intimates hand dye organic cotton intimates in Byron Bay, Australia. The brand is very much in its infancy and the first range, ‘Wildflower’, launched in May 2017. The collection features a small collection of bottoms, bralettes and a one piece in three beautiful colours. Just as no two bodies are the same neither are La Luna Intimates. The collection is hand-dyed using botanical dyes, making every item slightly unique. They use organic turmeric to create the warm yellow tones of their Dandelion colourway, alkanet root achieves La Luna’s soft subtle Lilac and organic black tea creates their warm earthy Cinnamon.

To wear a product that has so much of the earths goodness dyed into it is fascinating to me! I have been trialling the lilac Lily bralette and the thong pant, dyed with Alkanet root; a herb in the borage family that has antibacterial properties. And I am sure you are all familiar with the beneficial properties of turmeric; it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. I have loved knowing that the fabric touching my skin is hand dyed and uses all natural products that can only have healing effects on my skin and body.

The lily bralette is a super cool design and ideal for casual summer days or yoga classes. For the braver among us I think it could also be worn externally with high wasted trousers or a skirt. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I am a small knicker gal so always opt for the thong, and although still comfortable, I think it is important to note that the La Luna thong pant is a bigger thong than average. Their pieces also fit small so I would advise going up a size.

I love La Luna’s ethos and only hope that they continue to grow. I caught up founder Emily Margan to understand how she plans to maintain ethical and sustainable practices as the brand grows, as well as get her take on fast fashion.

How did La Luna come about and what are your plans for the brand?

la luna intimates flor and cesta interview

I found it really hard to find underwear that was made from natural fibres and was still cute. After working in the fashion industry for a couple of years I thought; why not create my own label? Something cute, comfortable and environmentally conscious that I would be proud to wear. La Luna is a brand still very much in its infancy. In the future I want to keep experimenting with natural colours and new shapes to grow the brand to suit all body types. That way, choosing an environmentally conscious brand will be achievable for everyone.

How do you plan for La Luna to continue to be a sustainably sourced and ethically made brand as your operations scale?

We are very lucky to have a great relationship with our manufacturer who allows us to regularly visit. This helps us ensure our ethical standards are being met on the manufacturing end of the business.  I believe the biggest hurdle for us will be the hand dying, I love the process of mixing up new colours and believe this gives La Luna a unique aspect. There are a few commercial botanical dyers but they are pretty rare in the industry. Hopefully as La Luna grows botanical dying will too, so if the time comes where we need to outsource we will have plenty of great options to choose from.

What is your take on the fast fashion industry?

I understand large companies are driven by profit and fast fashion allows a high turnover of product but this is taking a toll on the makers and our planet. And it’s just so boring!

Why do we want something which everyone else has? Have you ever seen the beauty in a hand made item or considered the stories held in a second-hand garment? To me, fashion is an expression of ourselves and personally I don’t want to be considered a generic, cheap person with a quick life span.


If you could say one thing to all the CEO's of fast fashion retail brands what would it be?

Anyone can make money and anyone can make fast fashion, but how cool is the idea of being a leader, making a change, doing something good and feeling good about it.  These CEO’s have the opportunities to help shape the way we shop. It would be really great to see them leading the charge in sustainable fashion but at this stage I believe the push needs to come from consumers.

I strongly believe that every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the type of world you want to live in. It’s up to us to show these companies what we want and if they are not willing to provide it we’ll go somewhere else that will.

Wow, what a response, thank you Emily! I think your answer on what you would say to CEO’S of fast fashion brands is the best I’ve seen yet. I feel inspired, I hope they do too. If one of the highstreet brands chooses to lead in this space then I know the others will follow. Why not set your brand apart and be that leader?

Head to La Luna’s site now to find out more, and shop the collection.