I just don't want to put a label on it.

by Hanna Pumfrey

No, I’m not about to regale you with stories of my terrible dating history. Although some may say that would make for a much more entertaining blog post than what I am actually about to talk about. 

Today I actually want to talk about what was until recently one of the most taboo subjects in the food world- veganism.

'Oh god', I hear you all say, 'she's a vegan. I enjoyed some of her articles but she's a bloody vegan!' Wait- that reaction is precisely the reason why I wanted to write this article and precisely the reaction I got from the majority of my friends when I first mentioned the 'V' word.

Yet, I am not a vegan. Yes, at home I avoid all dairy products and I am not an eater of meat or eggs in any situation,  but do I call myself a vegan? No. I call myself a conscious consumer. A conscious consumer of our planets precious resources.

I am not anal; If the porcini mushroom ravioli in my favourite Italian has cream in it I am not going to stop eating it. I mean where is the fun in life if one has to give up their favourite Italian dish! But, that cream, or that delicious parmesan cheese on top may be one of the only animal products I eat in a week as I have made the conscious decision to avoid animal products wherever possible.

Why? The honest answer is I just watched too much netflix! There is a wealth of documentaries now on netflix which, once you watch, hear the facts and realise the true cost our excessive consumption of meat and the effects animal agriculture has on the planet you cannot un-hear.

To give you a little taster:

  • The creation of one burger uses 3,000 litres of water. Want to know what experts predict the next global war will be over? Yes that's right; agua my friend. That little thing we call H2O.
  • 1 acre of the Amazon is cut down every second (every second??!!) to farm cattle. Environmental experts predict that if we continue at this rate there will be no Amazon left in 10 years.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions; more than the combined exhaust emissions from all transportation.

So no, I am not a vegan and I am not an animal rights activist but I am a nature lover who would like there to still be a planet for her children to grow up in. There is no need to label your efforts. It is not about us (vegans) and them (carnivores). It's about us all just being a bit more conscious about where the stuff we, quite literally, stuff into our mouths has come from and the effects it is having on our environment.

If that's not enough to make you reconsider your consumption of animal products then here's a video of male chicks being blended to death (male chicks are not wanted on battery farms because they don't produce eggs). 

If that still doesn't make you reconsider your consumption decisions then you're a lost cause. To hell with it, order your next burger and dine with the devil (I jest!).