Pebble magazine: Putting the ‘cool’ in sustainability

Sustainability suffers from a decided lack of ‘coolness.’ Scientists who warn about climate change are a serious lot and glaciers receding lack the drama of, say, a zombie apocalypse. Species extinction makes a better plot but perhaps only when it can be reversed and wreak havoc à la Jurassic Park.

Someone who knows this all too well is Georgina Wilson- Powell, editor of new ethical living and eco travel title pebble. Pebble mag is the new kid on the block making waves, or rather, I should I say ripples;  #pebblesmakeripples is the hashtag the title uses.

Pebble mag is right up our street; Flor + Cesta is all about providing busy city- dwellers with the tools to live consciously, without a radical lifestyle change.  An ethos that pebble shares; the publication showcases the people and products who are making wonderful, stylish things or setting up amazing projects that benefit not only our lifestyles but also our planet.

We had to speak to the mags editor to find out more. Here Georgina shares her challenges with the word ‘sustainability’ and why she is driven to bring style to sustainability.

credit: Georgina Wilson - Powell

credit: Georgina Wilson - Powell

Tell me a bit about you

 I’ve been a magazine editor and travel writer for 15 years, but over the last few years I’ve got more and more interested in eco-travel, permaculture, sustainable innovation and come across so many great people who are just plodding on trying to find solutions to some of our many problems. I wanted to help - and for a while considered moving out of media all together to retrain but then figured I’m probably not very helpful as a farmer, but I am good at telling stories and I believe that positive media is a powerful tool to share these stories.

 So now I run pebble magazine, an ethical living and eco travel title, where we look at everything from permaculture to pretty things and put a stylish spin on sustainability.

What was the inspiration for pebble magazine? 

Aside from wanting to do something positive and write about something that I think is important and meaningful, my stepfather passed away suddenly last summer and he lived a very sustainable life - he loved being outside and cared about nature. I wanted to do something that he’d love. It also it made me realise how short life is; if you want to do something or achieve something, best just get on and do it.

Dear future generations- Please accept our apologies. We were rolling drunk on petroleum.png

What does sustainability mean to you?

It’s such an awful word first of all. I’ve written about how much I hate that word! It’s dull and dry...and doesn’t conjure up innovation and excitement and taking a lighter approach to living. For me what it really means is living within our means, trying to take care of the world and being respectful of the resources we have. It’s the opposite of how we’ve been living over the last 50 years.


Why is it so important to you to share the sustainability message in your writing?

What I try and do with pebble is look at everything from a lifestyle point of view. So we tend not to bang on too much about doom and gloom but we want to showcase the people and products who are making wonderful, stylish things or setting up amazing projects - and they happen to be better for the planet too. It’s not about saving the world - it’s about making a million small decisions in your daily life that can together change your world.





If you could give one tip for busy Brits looking to live a more sustainable life what would it be?

Single use plastic. Buy metal or bamboo straws, buy a reusable cup and bottle and just think about the throwaway plastic. It takes 200 years to break down a straw or a bottle and you might have used it for 2 minutes. We’re doing a lot around single use plastics this summer on pebble and what the alternatives are - because there are lots of stylish and affordable options. 

Thanks for chatting to us Georgina! So good to find out more about pebble magazine.