Reuse, reduce, share, repeat. The story of a waste free restaurant

Introducing Silo, the first truly waste free yet still undeniably delicious dining experience we’ve come across.

Silo was designed with the bin in mind, in a good way. Brightens first zero waste restaurant was conceived from a desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect for the its environment and the way our food is generated. This means that the ladies and gents at Silo are concerned with the whole cycle; they creating everything for its whole form, cutting out food miles and over-processing whilst preserving nutrients and the integrity of the ingredients used.

Silo Brighton

Silo are ingeniously implementing a pre-industrial food system that generates zero material waste.

To achieve zero waste, all of Silo’s products that are not grown on site are delivered to them in re-useable crates, food grade jerry cans, pails, urns or containers. Anything that isn’t consumed by their customers (or staff) is fed into their aerobic digester which can generate up to 60kg of compost in just 24 hours. However, the folk over at Silo say that their need for it is so minimal due to the way other menu is conceived, that they offer its services to their neighbours, both residential and commercial, reducing waste across the community. Noq that’s sustainable community spirit if we ever saw it!

Not only are they trying to reduce waste in food production but also in the furniture and fittings they use in-restaurant. They state that they choose ‘up-cycling before recycling’ in their desire to re-use wherever possible. Silo’s furniture is made from materials that would otherwise have been wasted; their plates are made from plastic bags, their tables from industrial floor tiles and yes, of course, the obligatory jam jars for glasses. Silo are keen to point out though that this is no gimmick. They use jam jars because they are plentiful, multi-functional, hard-wearing and the energy that would have been used to re-cycle them is saved.

Sounds pretty good huh, and we haven’t even mentioned the delectable menu yet! Our favourite dish was the Jerusalem artichokes, briefly deep-fried, with heaps of fermented white cabbage and blue cheese. The crisp and brown outsides and chewy innards were utterly delicious. We could have eaten it three times over.

silo brighton jerusalem artichoke menu