Urban Green: bridging the gap between nature and urban life


At Flor + Cesta we love discovering new and exciting brands that are challenging the status quo, and we believe Urban Green are doing just that. We understand that finding the right brands to suit both your busy city lives and your desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle can be challenging.

Bridging the gap between nature and urban life is a shared goal of F + C and Urban Green, so when we discovered the brands founder Julija we knew we had to get in contact! Based in the creative capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, Julija is creating collections to suit the city dweller, at affordable prices, from natural materials. And the designs are beautiful. Her inspiration? Dinners with friends, nights out, trips to art galleries and the cinema, reading a book with a good cup of coffee. And the list goes on... sound familiar?

We caught up with Julija to understand more about how she is combining urban life with green and conscious living.


Tell us a bit about you

 Sewing has been a passion of mine since childhood. From an early age, I wanted to study Fashion design but my parents had other ideas and I went on to study a degree in Sociology. After my studies, I was unsure what direction to go in. I knew creativity was important to me so I decided to try a career in advertising.

In my free time though I was still sewing, going to drawing lessons, sewing courses and so on. I was influenced by my grandmothers; I saw them making clothes for themselves, their children and finally grandchildren. I still have some of the garments they made.

 This year however, something changed, and at the end of Spring I decided to quit my job and start to do my own project...This is how I became the owner of my own brand called Urban Green.


What was the inspiration for Urban Green?

While living in the city I understand that keeping eco-friendly and sustainable way of life can be very difficult. And, although I am sceptical about the way terms sustainable and eco-friendly are being bandied around by brands as I am not sold that any product can be 100% sustainable, I love natural fabrics: linen, silk, wool, cotton and wanted to create something that bridged the gap between nature and our urban lives.

I dreamt about having my own brand for some time, always believed in making clothes from natural fabrics, and this is the main focus of Urban Green, but I also want to be transparent. Urban Green is not here to tell stories about a sustainable lifestyle and greenwash about the composition of the fabrics we use. I want to be a transparent and ethical brand that provides wonderful designs to conscious urban people. I promote slow living. I want to bridge the gap between urban life and green and conscious living – in creating Urban Green I believe I have done this.


How do you think we, as city dwellers, can successfully combine nature and our urban culture? 

Very good question. I ask myself this every day. I think that the main issue with our society is the consumerism. I feel despair for the people, who go to the shop and buy cheap stuff with the idea of wearing it once and then throwing it away; all because it was not expensive. I believe that our society will successfully combine nature and urban culture when they become more conscious of the consequences.


If you could give one piece of advice to those wanting to make more conscious choices when it comes to fashion what would it be?

Buy clothes in second hand shops, buy clothes from young designers or from ethical fashion brands. Be creative and conscious!


The question we like to ask everyone I interview... If you could say anything to the CEO's of all fast fashion retailers what would it be?

You will not earn all the money in the world, so stop lying to your customers and start caring about your employees.

Thanks for chatting with us Juilija! We can’t wait to follow your story.

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